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Editor / Producer / Educator


For more than 15 years I’ve been crafting content as an editor, director, producer, and teacher. I’ve worn a lot of hats, but my focus has always been on story and what makes each project compelling.  I encourage others to consider not only what is probable, but what is possible


With a Master of Fine Arts in TV, Film, & Theater, I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist and life-long learner, always looking for innovative methods to tell new stories. Whether directing a motion capture short film, producing a feature documentary during lockdown, creating interactive theater projections, or editing branded social content, my aim is to learn something new with each experience.

As a university-trained instructor, I am fully committed to supporting diverse perspectives throughout the collaborative process. Having led projects as well as having played a role in many, I believe in the exponential power of teamwork and the effect that positive working relationships can have on the individual as well as the success of the project.

Based in Los Angeles, I can be found dungeon crawling either in-game or in living rooms, listening to audio books while camping with my wife, or at the park with our dog, Aloy.

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